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Healthy eating starts with a good philosophy.  At the Table’s nutritional philosophy is based on mindful eating of real foods. It is one that encourages quality and natural ingredients, and the practice of eating for the pleasure and enjoyment of food.  We respect the need for different people to make their own choices when it comes to food and believe that there is no “one size fits all” rule.  We believe that if we eat foods that truly nourish our bodies, we will not overeat and there will be no need to “diet” or restrict our eating.

Specifically, we support the following principles of healthy eating:

Plant-based Foods

  • Eating mostly plants, thus ensuring a high intake of vegetables and fruits and whole grains, nuts and seeds, and legumes – all ingredients for a long and healthy life.
  • Whether or not you eat meat, poultry, fish and dairy, making sure the majority of foods you eat are plant-based.
  • Having a variety of colours of vegetables and fruits to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need to be energized and healthy.

Whole Foods

  • Eating foods from farm to table (as close as possible to the way the food was grown or raised).
  • Reducing your intake of foods that are highly processed, have no or low nutritional value, and contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners.
  • Eliminating foods that contain hydrogenated “trans” fats.

Healthy Fats

  • Including healthy fats in your diet on a daily basis.
  • Getting your fats from plant-based sources as much as possible: nuts and seeds, nut butters, healthy oils, and avocados.
  • Choosing lean meats and poultry, including lots of fish, and having lower fat dairy foods (yet never eliminating fat entirely).

Mindful Eating

  • Bringing ones full attention to the process of eating.
  • Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to you and nourishing to your body by using all of your senses to explore, savour, and taste.
  • Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decision to begin eating and to stop eating.

Remember: Health is the fourth leg that supports the entire table. Health is what propels the work, leisure and home aspects of our lives. Without it, the other legs cannot stand. We often make excuses that we lack the time to eat healthy, but an effort to make changes in this area will positively affect every other part of our lives and allow us to keep the table steady on all four legs.

Check back often for more information on how to incorporate these principles into your daily menu and ways to increase the nutrition you get from the foods you eat.  For example, when eating plant-based sources of protein, you need to include a Vitamin C containing food in order to absorb the iron in those foods.

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