Our Mission and Values


We do not believe that your body exists in compartments, but that it is a system that functions together. When it works well, it benefits you as a whole person. We provide nutritional services and education based on your individual needs that considers health to be an ongoing process and looks at the whole state of being rather than a single ailment.


We are:

Evidence-based: We are consistently updating our knowledge of the dietetics field as new research comes to light. We believe evidence exists on a spectrum that highly values scientific fact but also takes into account lived experiences.

Holistic: We look at the body as an entire system, which includes both internal and external influences. We are aware of the ways in which our body is affected by the environment and how our environment is impacted by human activity.

Collaborative: We work with other dietitians and care providers in the community, which includes resource sharing and combining forces on projects. We listen and learn from others as well as contribute our own insights and research into the field.

Respectful: We respect your time and energy by being honest about the commitment it takes to make lasting lifestyle changes; we want you to get the best value out of our time together and will make a realistic timeline to guide this. We respect you as an individual, accommodating your personal health needs and understanding that each person starts from their own unique point in life. This includes respect for privacy, and providing a warm, welcoming environment for all clients.

Not the health care you’re used to: We acknowledge that people access health care differently and that those facing forms of oppression will encounter barriers to that access. That said, we welcome clients of all genders, sexualities, races (including those who are Indigenous), socioeconomic statuses, levels of ability, ages, and sizes. If full payment is an issue, please get in touch with us to discuss alternative options.

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