Welcome To At The Table Nutrition

Welcome to At The Table Nutrition

Hi! My name is Colleen McGuire and I am a registered dietitian and the founder of At the Table Nutrition. I am here to help guide individuals and corporations in achieving their healthy eating and nutrition goals.

Founded in 2010, At the Table Nutrition aims to bring the science of nutrition and the art of balanced eating to every table. Whether you are looking for nutrition counselling for yourself and your family, lunch and learn sessions for your employees, or want to provide nutrition information to your restaurant or foodservice customers, At the Table can help!

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What We Bring to Every Table

Our Philosophy

Eating well is not about restricting yourself or dieting. Instead, it is about learning to listen to what your body needs to function at its best. We can help you to translate the science into balanced eating that fits your lifestyle.

Healthy eating should be delicious and simple, but it is not necessarily easy – it does require planning and discovery of new foods and cooking methods. Work with us to learn how to best nourish your body and mind.

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Our Approach

Each client is treated as an individual. Your needs and input are taken into account during every step of the process to create a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle and produces results. Together, we can provide the information, guidance and advice you need to reach your nutrition and health goals.

Our approach can be used to prevent health problems and promote optimal health, as well as to manage weight and chronic diseases such as digestive illness and diabetes.

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Improve wellness in the workplace by educating staff on nutrition.

Improve productivity and reduce sick time by giving colleagues and employees the tools they need to enhance their health and wellness. Let At the Table customize inspiring lunch and learn seminars for your workplace and/or individual nutrition sessions for staff.

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Improve customer health & nutrition in the food & restaurant industry.

Inform customers about the foods they eat by providing a comprehensive nutritional analysis for all of your products and menu items. Help increase sales by ensuring items you serve are the healthiest they can be and meet current nutritional guidelines.

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From our Table to Yours

Enhance your health and wellness with resources that integrate the latest nutritional science with practical advice. On our blog, you can find timely nutrition articles, wellness tips, and healthy recipes that can help you learn more about how to feel your best.

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